A highly credentialed black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Having been awarded his blue belt and purple belt from Jeff Curran, he was then awarded his brown belt from Brian Wells. He received his black belt from BJJ strategist Jason Sullins. Tim's high level training and exposure to different stylistic approaches to the sport has curtailed into a successful competitive career. Tim has won Pan Americans Brown Belt Silver, IBJJF Blue Belt Gold, IBJJF Atlanta Brown Belt Silver twice; in addition, Tim has picked up accolades at many other Jiu Jitsu tournaments along the way. Concurrently, Tim is USA Wrestling Safe Sport certified. When not focusing on the fine art of strangulation, Tim enjoys raising his son Aiden, coaching wrestling, eating, fishing, craft beer, mountain biking, power sports and wearing the shortest of shorts. Tim's diverse approach to the sport culminates in the application of attention to even the finest of details. He is well-regarded for applying these details and creating an environment of pressure for opponents where even the most minuscule detail leads to the inevitable unraveling of opponents.

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